Theee Adventures So Far

Theee Adventures So Far

I will start with my first trip which was to Soriano in 2013 with my daughter. I had no idea what I was in for, all I can tell you is that those memories will last a lifetime. I do a lot of traveling but this was by far my best experience. CDV is “FAMILY”. No other vacation can compare to the intimacy of new friends and authentic Italy. Nothing like walking out of your apartment to Buon Giorno every morning from your neighbor as they sweep in front of their door.
On to Faviginana Sicily. I traveled with the same friends I met in Soriano. I was so worried that it wouldn’t be the same experience. That was put to rest as soon as I met Ivano. It was beyond beautiful in Sicily and the experience was “FAMILY” once again. Too good to believe you say. On to Amalfi! Even 259
Steps couldn’t take away from this experience. Once again we traveled as an alumni group and had the most magnificent time. The villa was breathtaking, Claudia and her family are now my family. If you are hesitant on giving CDV a try, don’t be. I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you just how many FAMILY members you have made for life.!
Ciao for now😘

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