Sicily ... More than just an island

Sicily ... More than just an island

Our first visit to Sicily (in 2013) was based on the island of Favignana. We spent hours in and on the crystal clear water boating, swimming, fishing and exploring secret grottos. On land we cooked in Ivano’s gorgeous villa, toured small wineries and cathedrals, and explored the market in Palermo. The people we met were charming, friendly and welcoming. It was a week of endless adventure!
Fast forward to 2018 and the Mainland Sicily tour. What a revelation! We were still on an island, surrounded by crystal clear water, but this time we explored some of the Planeta wineries (there are 5 of them) and olive groves, drove up Mt. Etna (which nearly blew us away, literally!) and found acre after acre of fruit, vegetables and flowers. Three different hotels treated us to luxury, regional cooking styles and different views of the countryside.
If asked which tour I would choose I’d give you my standard answer: BOTH!